What is this site about?

Hi, I’m Jason McKee and this is my site.

Jason playing Monopoly

I love board games. They are such a great way of passing the time, meeting new people and enjoying friends and family.

What’s more, board games stimulate intelligence, can be educational and build social skills (even in adults). I should know – I used to be a teacher of mathematics.

I first started playing board games when I was very little with my family. In those days there were only 3 or 4 TV channels, and not much other home entertainment.

Board games were an amazing way to pass the time together.

These days of course it’s different, but board games hold an innate appeal. Most board games are a mixture of strategy and luck. That means that you can improve your chance of winning with skill, but it’s never guaranteed.

My Board Games Story

The truth is that until I had my family, I had drifted away from board games as an adult. Video games, books and films held my attention more.

I would occasionally playing a game with friends, or family, but not as much as before.

As my kids started to grow, though, I was drawn back to them.

These days kids have a plethora of options available to them: with TV on demand, tablets, and smartphones they never need to stop watching a screen.

But is that healthy?

The thing is I wanted to offer my kids alternatives rather than just forbid screen time. Playing outside is a great option – if it isn’t raining.

There’s lots of rainy day activities you can do as well. I love looking at slides under a microscope together. (By the way, this is an amazing way to get children passionate about science.)

Yet board games are a great option.

There’s nothing like spending time as a family playing some game. And many of them are educational to boot.

Why Boards Cards Dice?

I used to be a Mathematics teacher. And this gives me a bit of an insight on a few things when it comes to board games:

  • Strategies – how to play better
  • Educational aspects – how to learn more
  • Fair play – how to make it fairer for everyone, so everyone has a chance to win

I’m not claiming any special genius here. I’m just a dad with some extra ideas I want to share with you.

Boards Cards Dice is the name because those are the key components of most board games! Well that an the meeple. But most people don’t know what “meeple” means. (Including, apparently, my computer, which keeps trying to correct it to “Maple.”)

If you don’t know, and want to, a “meeple” is the token or playing piece you move around the board.

What Next?

Have a look around my site. See if there’s anything that will inspire you. I plan on publishing regularly, so don’t be afraid to check in.

More importantly, if you haven’t already, start playing board games. You’ll love them.

These days with board game caf├ęs, online board games, DIY board games and traditional games played at home there’s no excuse not to have a go.

Go on!