Best 6 Player Board Games: Which 6 Player Game is For You?

I’ve narrowed down the best 6 player board games, and I’ve found Catan to be one of the best.

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I like playing board games, but it can be tough to find games that accommodate six players. A lot of board games only allow up to four players, which can be frustrating if your family or gamer group has six people in it.

That’s why I researched the best 6-player board game to help you find the perfect board game for your next game night.

Catan is my top pick because it ticks so many boxes. It’s easy to learn, uses trading and bartering, has a fun backstory, and balances tactical depth with luck.

But that’s just one board game of many that can be highly entertaining as party games or family night games.

Which of these 6 player board games is right for you? Keep reading to learn more.

At a Glance

If you’re looking for the best board game for six players, it’s important to consider what you might want in a game. The games on my list are all entertaining, but they have different elements that might appeal to different people. Here are just a few examples:

Empire Building

Are you ready to take over the world? If so, you might like an empire-building game. Games where you acquire territory, power, or wealth, are popular for a reason. They’re highly competitive and just plain fun!

If you’re ready to build your empire, perhaps consider Monopoly, Twilight Imperium, Catan, or Risk.

Cooperative Gameplay

Maybe cutthroat competition isn’t your idea of fun, but teamwork and cooperation are. Look for a cooperative game where players have a common goal.

Games like Betrayal at House on the Hill, Mysterium, Arkham Horror, or Clue Jr. Marvel Avengers Edition are good board games that require players to work together.

Length of Gameplay

How long a board game takes to play is one of the most important considerations. It’s a bummer to open a board game only to realize you don’t have enough time to play it. Likewise, you don’t want to show up to a marathon gaming session with a game that lasts minutes.

If you’re looking for a quick fast-paced board game, you might enjoy One Night Ultimate Werewolf, King of Tokyo, or Colt Super Express.

If you want something that can span an entire gaming session (or two), you might like Twilight Imperium, Arkham Horror, Catan, or Betrayal at House on the Hill.

Dice Rolling

Dice rolling is fun and adds a bit of luck to the gameplay. If you like rolling the dice, choose games like Risk, Monopoly, Kings of Tokyo, or Catan.

Young children friendly

Perhaps you have a large family or want to entertain a group of children, maybe you need a 6-player game suitable for young children. I recommend Clue Junior: Marvel Avengers Edition, a fun, fast game suitable for children aged 5+.

Best Board Game for 6 Players: Reviews

Catan (with Extension): Best Overall 6 Player Board Game

Players: 3-6

Game Length: 60 minutes

Age: 10+

This wildly popular strategy game is highly entertaining. Catan (formerly called Settlers of Catan) is a great game for beginners and expert gamers alike. While the normal version allows for 3-4 players, the extension included in this pack allows 5-6 players.

In this game of trading, building, and settling, players establish settlements on the fictional island of Catan. They control their civilization and look to spread across a modular hex board in a competition for victory points.

To get points, players gather resources and exchange them for development cards to build roads, settlements, and cities. The winner is the first player to reach 10 victory points.

CATAN Board Game 25th Anniversary Edition | Includes The Base Game and The 5-6 Player Extension | Family Board Game | Board Game for Adults and Family | for 3 to 6 Players | Made by Catan Studio

Catan is a simple game to learn but has high variability. With multiple strategies and tactics available, Catan can be highly entertaining again and again.

But for those who want an extra challenge, there are expansion packs available. You must have a base game to use the expansions, however.

I like that this game provides plenty of opportunities for player interaction. Other games are fun, but they don’t require much talking. This game is great for creating quality time at the table.

But all of these perks come at a cost. Catan is an expensive game, so you’ll need some flexibility in the budget. However, it will provide hours of entertainment.

It also includes a lot of pieces. You might opt for your storage to manage all the pieces.

Overall, though, this is one of the best board games for a family or game night.


  • Empire building
  • Includes strategy and cooperation
  • Easy learning curve
  • High replayability
  • Interactive gameplay
  • Includes extension


  • Has a lot of pieces
  • Expensive

Clue Junior, Marvel Avengers Edition: Best for Families with Young Kids

Players: 2-6

Game Length: 30 minutes

Age: 5+

In Clue Junior: Marvel Avengers Edition, Loki has stolen something from Avengers Tower. Players must use strategy and the process of elimination to solve the mystery of who Loki tricked, what he stole, and when he escaped.

This board game can handle anywhere from 2-6 players, so it works for a wide range of groupings.

Much like the traditional Clue game, players roll dice to see if they will move their pawn, peek under other pawns, or secretly peek under equipment tokens for clues.

This game includes six of your favorite Marvel heroes: Iron Man, Black Panther, Captain America, Hulk, Black Widow, and Captain Marvel. Players choose their pawns and keep track of their discoveries on a notepad.

Hasbro Gaming Clue Junior: Marvel Avengers Edition Board Game for Kids Ages 5+, Loki's Big Trick, Classic Mystery for 2-6 Players (Amazon Exclusive)

The board game features large game pieces, a large multi-colored die, and a pictorial notepad to accommodate younger players that may or may not be reading yet. This simple game is easy to learn and fast-paced, so it’s easy to keep kids engaged.

Buyers liked Clue Junior Marvel Avengers Edition for their kids and grandkids. They liked the character pawns and easy, laid-back gameplay.

Some were frustrated at the cramped game board. The artwork is high-quality, but it’s busy and has a lot of details.

It’s also easy to cover up areas that need to be visible since the game pieces are larger.

But overall, people were pleased with the game. It’s affordable, easy to play, and the best family game.


  • Good for kids, Avengers fans
  • Easy to learn
  • Quick gameplay
  • Large pieces
  • Affordable


  • Not as challenging
  • Cramped game board

Arkham Horror, 3rd Edition: Best Horror-Based Game

Players: 1-6

Game Length: 2-3 hours

Age: 14+

Arkham Horror is a cult classic made by Fantasy Flight Games and based on the writings of H.P. Lovecraft. In this thrilling cosmic horror game, players must work together to defeat the darkness and save the world.

The game is set in the fictional city of Arkham, Massachusetts, in the 1920s. In this cooperative game, players take on the role of investigators as they explore the streets of the city. The objective is to prevent a world takeover by the Ancient Ones, alien creatures that lurk between worlds.

Arkham Horror is highly variable, as each of the four unique scenarios allows you to choose one of 12 investigators. Each investigator has their own abilities, backstory, and items. The branching narrative paths add exciting twists to each game.

Arkham Horror 3rd Edition , Mystery /Strategy Game | Cooperative Board Game for Adults and Family| Ages 14+ | 1-6 Players | Average Playtime 2-3 Hours | Made by Fantasy Flight Games

This game requires a long time to set up and has a lot of pieces, so be prepared to factor in time for that. This game is not a time filler, but will instead take center stage during game nights.

Reviewers loved the Lovecraftian horror elements and the ability to replay the game over and over. They also commented on the amazing artwork.

However, the rules are quite complicated. It’s not unreasonable to estimate at least a couple of hours for learning the game if you’ve never played it before.

Another common issue for people was the lack of agency. They felt that player choices were limited. For instance, players cannot repeat an action during a turn, which might hamstring them.

But despite those drawbacks, the majority of people enjoyed this fun game. It’s a great one to break out at your next game night. If you like dungeon crawler games and horror, this is a great pick for you.


  • High replay value
  • Cooperative role-playing game
  • Great team game or solo game
  • High-quality artwork


  • Lacks player agency
  • Complicated setup & rules

Twilight Imperium, Fourth Edition: Best for Expert Gamers

Players: 3-6

Game Length: 4-8 hours

Age: 14+

If I had just one word to describe Twilight Imperium, it would be epic. This sci-fi strategy board game is one of galactic conquest and empire building. It’s published by Fantasy Flight Games.

Set in the years following the Twilight Wars, the great races of the former Lazaz Empire are once again looking to build their civilizations. Players choose to lead one of 17 great races vying for control of a galactic empire.

Twilight Imperium can support anywhere from three up to six players. This game has high replayability, with a random board setup using 51 hexagonal construct tiles.

Twilight Imperium 4th Edition | Strategy Board Game for Adults and Teens | Adventure Game | Ages 14 and up | 3-6 Players | Average Playtime 4-8 Hours | Made by Fantasy Flight Games

I like that each game is completely different, making it fun and challenging. And even though you need a lot of time and table space for this game, it’s completely worth it.

Another one of my favorite features? Unlike a typical war game, this one requires a combination of tactical combat and diplomacy.

Customers raved about this strategic game. They loved the fun concept, the exciting gameplay, and the strategic planning.

Twilight Imperium has loads of value, but it doesn’t come cheap. It is quite expensive. But the high-quality pieces, stunning artwork, and immersive storyline all make this board game well worth the price.

This is the perfect game for a board game enthusiast.


  • Highly variable
  • Thrilling & competitive
  • High-quality artwork & pieces
  • Strategy game
  • Good for expert gamers
  • Sci-fi concept


  • Lengthy playing time
  • Requires a large tabletop
  • Expensive

Mysterium: Best Mystery Party Game

Players: 2-7

Game Length: 45 minutes

Age: 10+

If you enjoy solving mysteries, you’ll enjoy the challenge of Mysterium. This board game is set on the grounds of Warwick Manor, the site of a horrible crime committed 30 years ago.

Now the mansion is haunted by the ghost of the murdered servant, and the psychic investigators must solve the mystery. This is a cooperative board game where one player takes the role of the ghost victim, while the others players take the role of psychics.

Throughout the game, players work together to solve a mystery by communicating psychically with the victim. The ghost tries to lead the psychics to the culprit.

Players investigate a case assigned to them to determine who the actual murderer is. They must determine the weapon, location, and killer to win the game.

With dozens of suspects, weapons, and locations, you are sure to have a new game experience each time. Some customers felt that the board game could get boring after a few rounds. Fortunately, there are expansions available for those who want a new challenge.

Mysterium Board Game (Base Game) - Enigmatic Cooperative Mystery Game with Ghostly Intrigue, Fun for Family Game Night, Ages 10+, 2-7 Players, 45 Minute Playtime, Made by Libellud

To me, Mysterium feels very much like a cooperative version of Clue, with some paranormal elements thrown in for thematic effect. Others compared it to Dixit. If you like those games, you will probably enjoy this board game.

Mysterium even comes with a free spooky music track to make the whole game a fun experience. Multiple customers liked finding their own music, as well.

Several did say that there is a learning curve to the game. It takes a little while to get the hang of it. But once you do, it’s a fun-packed game.

I recommend assigning the role of ghost victim to a new player. It’s a little easier and will help them learn the rules without getting overwhelmed.

Many buyers agreed that Mysterium is a good option for larger groups. They did say, however, that it’s not as fun for less than four people. The rules are modified, and it just isn’t as fun.

If you frequently play with larger groups and enjoy deduction or cooperative games, Mysterium is a perfect game to try at your next gaming session.


  • Good for larger groups
  • Cooperative
  • Deduction-based strategy game
  • Expansions available


  • Difficult to learn at first
  • Can get repetitive after several rounds

One Night Ultimate Werewolf: Best App-Driven Party Game

Players: 3-10

Game Length: 10 minutes

Age: 8+

From Bezier games comes One Night Ultimate Werewolf, a fast-paced app-driven game that can be played in just 10 minutes.

The premise is simple. Hidden among the villagers is at least one werewolf. The objective is to figure out who it is. Deduction and deception are central to the game.

To start, players are given a secret role with their own special abilities. These roles belong to one of two teams, the village team or the werewolf team.

Then, press the button on the free app, and it walks you through the night phase in minutes. The app instructs certain people to open their eyes and use their special abilities in secrecy. The players open their eyes and work together to find out who’s really on the village team and who is on the werewolf team.

You can use the tokens to keep track of your assumptions, but you only have 5 minutes before you all simultaneously vote on who the werewolves are.

One Night Ultimate Werewolf – Fun Party Game for Kids & Adults | Engaging Social Deduction | Fast-Paced Gameplay | Hidden Roles & Bluffing

This is a fantastic party game. And since there’s no player elimination, no one is left out. This is one I would pack on a trip, for those times when you have a few minutes to kill at the airport or on a bus.

This game does work better with six players or more. It’s just not as exciting with just three people, even though you can technically still play the game.

Some buyers were annoyed by the voiceover on the app. Not a major issue, but one many felt was a drawback. But several people did compliment the app.

And while you could theoretically play the game without the app, it does streamline the game and means no one is stuck being the narrator.

If you want loads of fun for a large group in a quick game, this is it. But as one customer noted, be prepared to be stabbed in the back by your friends.


  • Very quick game
  • Great player interaction
  • Ideal for large groups
  • Inexpensive


  • The app voices can be annoying

King of Tokyo: Best Dice Roll 6 Player Board Game

Players: 2-6

Game Length: 30 minutes

Age: 8+

King of Tokyo is a board game for two to six players where you can play as mutant monsters, rampaging robots, or even abominable aliens. If you like monsters, this game is up your alley.

Your goal is to stomp your way through Tokyo. The game ends when your monster achieves 20 victory points or is the last monster standing. You can decide whether to engage in combat with another monster, cure injuries, enhance your monster, or plan.

Dice rolls are a big element in King of Tokyo. Some may not like the amount of chance, but it does help younger players have a better chance at winning without “help.”

IELLO: King of Tokyo, New Edition, Strategy Board Game, Space Penguin Included in the Box, For 2 to 6 Players, 30 Minute Play Time, For Ages 8 and Up

With a playing time of just 30 minutes, it’s a great family game. It’s short enough to keep everyone’s attention while being long enough to create excitement and action.

That being said, the game can get repetitive. It can also be over very quickly, depending on how the dice roll. Some people felt it was anti-climactic and took longer to set up than to even play.

A lot of customers commented on the colorful artwork and fun Tokyo monster theme. They recommended this for a higher player count. It’s not as fun for 2-3 people.

Buyers said, and I agree, that this game has a similar feel to Yahtzee. But it adds some power-up cards, some strategy, and a little monster combat.

I like King of Tokyo as a filler for a low-key game night. It can accommodate a decent player count and it’s quick. It is a little expensive considering the time you spend playing, but it does have impressive artwork.


  • Bold, colorful artwork
  • Quick gameplay
  • Combines mostly luck with some strategy
  • Good for families


  • Some games are too short
  • Expensive for what you get

Betrayal at House on the Hill, Second Edition: Best Cooperative Game

Players: 3-6

Game Length: 60 minutes

Age: 12+

Betrayal at House on the Hill is one of the more popular 6 player board games. Published by Avalon Hill (now Hasbro), this dungeon crawler board game is full of entertainment.

This board game approaches the horror genre from a novel perspective. Players build a haunted mansion, tile by tile, and then attempt to escape it.

Like other cooperative tabletop games, this one features role-playing and different narratives. There are 50 scenarios to choose from, so no two games are alike.

As you build and explore the haunted house, you’ll encounter witches, dragons, zombies, and other spooky characters. You’ll work together with the other players to survive the mansion.

But watch out! This game makes fellow players turn on each other, so you’ll have to conquer the house together before it divides and conquers you.

Avalon Hill Betrayal at The House on The Hill Second Edition Cooperative Board Game, Ages 12 and Up, 3-6 Players, 50 Chilling Scenarios

It does take a little while to get the hang of the rules. This is a complex game, so be prepared to set aside some time to learn the instructions.

That being said, buyers were pleased with the gameplay and the spooky elements. They liked the ability to play this board game over and over again. It won’t get boring or repetitive.

Some buyers felt the game pieces and components were lacking in quality. Indeed, they aren’t as thick or durable as other board games, but it’s also very affordable.

Betrayal at House on the Hill might not be the best party game, but it’s a must-have for veteran gamers. It will be a hit on game nights.


  • Role-playing narrative
  • High replayability
  • Better for experienced gamers
  • Affordable


  • Complicated rule set
  • Some components lack quality

Colt Super Express: Best 6 Player Card Game

Players: 3-7

Game Length: 15 minutes

Age: 8+

Next up on my list of 6 player board games is Colt Super Express. The card game is a more portable version of the original Colt Express board game.

In this game, players take the role of a bandit robbing a train at the same time as other players. The only problem? There’s one less train car than there are bandits!

Ludonaute Colt Express Super Express Board Game | Train Game | Strategy Game | Wild West Adventure Game for Adults and Kids | Ages 8+ | 3-7 Players | Average Playtime 15 Minutes | Made

Your goal is to become the last bandit standing and the richest outlaw in the wild west. If you can avoid the marshall, that is!

Each round, players lay one of their five action cards face down in a pile to determine what they’ll do when revealed. The actions include moving, flipping, changing floors, and firing.

Scheme wisely to avoid the bullets. At the end of the round, the last train car is removed, along with any player in it. If more than one player is alive in the final car, the entire train explodes, taking them with it.

As a bonus, this Super version of Colt Express includes the Reflex and Horse extension, each coming with 7 new action cards.

In some of the earlier versions, there was a printing error. It appears that the error has been fixed, but you might want to inspect the cards upon receipt.

If you want a card drafting game that goes quickly and still has strategy, this is a fun game that can travel with you almost anywhere.


  • Fast-paced
  • Portable
  • Exciting gameplay
  • Includes strategy
  • Comes with 2 new extensions
  • Inexpensive


  • May go too fast for some
  • Early printing error (appears to be fixed)
  • Not technically a board game

Risk 60th Anniversary: Best War-Based 6 Player Board Game

Players: 2-6

Game Length: 2-3 hours

Age: 10+

While traditional Risk only has five colored armies, this 60th Anniversary version has six, making it one of the top classic 6-player board games.

Most board games don’t make it 60 years, which tells you the wide-ranging appeal of this strategic combat game. This one has been enjoyed across generations.

This board game is filled with alliances, betrayal, and surprise attacks on your opponents. The gameplay from the original 1957 La Conquete du Monde version is included, as well as four other options for gameplay.

Hasbro Gaming Risk 60th Anniversary Edition Family Board Game for Ages 10 and Up

This milestone anniversary edition includes premium packaging, updated art, and a game guide highlighting the game’s history.

Some buyers felt that the game pieces and army boxes were lacking in quality. They aren’t particularly bad, but not what you would expect for an anniversary edition.

Users had fun playing this board game, though. The antique-looking map and unique game box are nice additions. It might be a little boring to more seasoned Risk players.


  • Now for six players
  • Unique game box and updated artwork
  • Strategic gameplay
  • Includes dice rolling


  • Quality of pieces was lacking

Monopoly: Best Classic 6 Player Board Game

Players: 2-6

Game Length: 60-90 minutes

Age: 8+

You can’t have a list of 6 player board games without Monopoly. This Hasbro (formerly Parker Brothers) game is truly a classic.

If you don’t already know, the objective of Monopoly is to make the most money. Become the winner by buying and building up properties, then collecting rent from the other players.

This version, while preserving the classic rules and game board, includes 16 community chest cards that were voted on by fans.

It also features the newly updated game tokens, including a rubber ducky, T-Rex, penguin, Hazel (cat), Scottie (dog), racecar, hat, and battleship.

Monopoly Game, Family Board Game for 2 to 6 Players, Monopoly Board Game for Kids Ages 8 and Up, Includes Fan Vote Community Chest Cards

While some buyers were not pleased with the new Community Chest cards or the smaller houses and hotels, others were happy with the board game.

The majority of reviews were positive, saying the game brought back feelings of nostalgia. I know it does for me. I have many childhood memories of playing Monopoly with my cousins.

Most of the negative reviews came from people who had missing pieces or components. Understandable in those cases.

As one of the most affordable board games on my list, this classic game is one of the best board games for value.


  • High nostalgic value
  • Lots of strategy with some luck
  • Bartering & trading
  • Inexpensive


  • Small houses and hotels
  • Reports of some missing components

6 Player Game Buying Guide: What You Need to Know

When trying to pick the best board game for your group, there are a few important considerations. First, you have to consider the length of time it will require. Make sure you have enough time to complete a round.

Secondly, you have to think about the age range. Some games are great for young kids, while others are better for older gamers. Since I have children, I appreciate games that have a wider age range.

Next, you must consider the theme. If you like mysteries and the occult, you might pick a horror game. On the other hand, you may prefer to stay away from darker themes.

Of course, you want to consider the style of play. For instance, if you hate intense competition, you might opt for a cooperative game. If you don’t like games that are decided by chance, go with one that emphasizes strategy over one that includes a lot of dice rolling.

Lastly, price is also a consideration. But board games come in a wide range of price levels, so you can find something that matches your budget.

Best 6 Player Board Games: Final Verdict

Which of these board games is the real winner? My personal favorite is Catan. It’s one of the best 6-player board games on the market.

But it may not be your favorite, and that’s okay. There are several alternatives on the list that can match your preferred style.