Games Like Exploding Kittens

Do you love Exploding Kittens? You can find similar games to keep the fun times coming, but my top pick is Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza.

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Exploding Kittens is hilariously fun and perfect for game nights. From potato cats and palindromes to magical enchiladas, Exploding Kittens is perfect for those who don’t take games too seriously.

That’s why I like Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza. It’s like Exploding Kittens in competition and comic value, even though it’s a distinct game. Fortunately, you have several options if you enjoy games like Exploding Kittens.

Looking for other games like Exploding Kittens? Keep reading to learn more.

At a Glance

Rules of exploding kittens board game

Exploding Kittens has plenty of appeal for several reasons:

  • It offers fast-paced gameplay that’s simple enough for anyone to understand
  • It’s challenging but easy to learn
  • The game is quirky and full of punny personality
  • You can play it practically anywhere

Use the chart below to decide which game might best fit you.

Quick playing timeTaco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza, Monopoly Deal, Zombie Kittens, Throw Throw Burrito, Sushi Go, Uno, Skip-Bo, Sparkle Kitty, Love Letter, Star Realms
Easy to learnHappy Little Dinosaurs, Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza, Throw Throw Burrito, Recipes for Disaster, Zombie Kittens, Love Letter, Cards Against Humanity
Appeals to a wide audienceUnstable Unicorns, Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza, Zombie Kittens, Monopoly Deal, Throw Throw Burrito, Skip-Bo, Uno

Party Card Game Reviews

Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza

Players: 3-8

Playing time: 10-15 minutes

Age: 8+

With a name like Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza, this card game is sure to be fun! It’s published by Dolphin Hat Games, a company focused on making games that are quick to play, great for all ages, and require you to think fast.

Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza is as unique and wacky as it sounds. This fast-paced social card game requires quick thinking, but it’s easy to learn. Players flip cards one by one, saying the words “taco cat goat cheese pizza” in turn order, no matter what the card shows.

As soon as there is a match between a card and a spoken word, players race against each other to slap their hands on the central pile of cards. The last player to do so must take all the cards! Your goal is to be the first person to run out of cards.

There are three special cards that don’t show one of the five title words. The gorilla, narwhal, and groundhog each require a different hand motion, followed by a slap. Again, the last player to slap the pile must take the cards. If a player does the incorrect action, they must take the cards.

Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza

When I’ve played this game, it usually ends in bouts of hysterical laughter. Occasionally, it ends with a hand injury. You’ve been warned.

One small complaint I have with the English language version reviewed is that the words don’t seem to go together as well as in the Spanish language version (Taco Gato Cabra Queso Pizza). I actually slightly prefer that, but in either language you will have a ton of fun!

Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza is a hilariously competitive game to add to your next game night.


  • Fun for all ages
  • Quick to play
  • Requires fast thinking


  • Could result in scratches or jammed fingers

Exploding Kittens: Recipes for Disaster

Players: 2-5

Playing time: 15 minutes

Age: 7+

What does a cone of shame have in common with the card game Exploding Kittens? Play Recipes for Disaster and find out!

When it comes to games like Exploding Kittens, you can’t top the ultimate Exploding Kittens game. Recipes for Disaster contains all the best cards from the original Exploding Kittens game and the expansions.

This version introduces new ways to play the classic card game, essentially creating a new game. The included Recipe Booklets provide instructions to play unique versions of Exploding Kittens. Simply pick the Recipe Booklet that matches your game night.

It only takes two minutes to learn the rules. Players take turns drawing cards from a shared deck. If you draw an Exploding Kitten, you lose. All the other cards in the deck help you avoid or mitigate your risk of drawing an Exploding Kitten. If you don’t explode, you win!

It’s like Russian Roulette but with exploding kittens. Recipes for Disaster included 121 cards, 13 Recipe Booklets, 5 blank Booklets, and a wearable Cone of Shame. It only takes 15 minutes to play, so it’s a great game for game nights or to fill time. You can even play two games in the time it takes to watch one sitcom, so it’s a good choice for families.

Exploding Kittens Recipes for Disaster - Deluxe Game Set - A Russian Roulette Card Game, Easy Family-Friendly Party Games - Card Games for Adults, Teens & Kids

Some of the Recipes include a Lightning Kittens version, which only takes two minutes and requires speed and quick thinking. There’s a two-player variation, as well as a Danger Mode recipe for the most ruthless game of Exploding Kittens.

Because there are so many cards included, the box contains a card organizer storage tray to help you keep all those cards straight. It’s a much bigger box than other card games, however, so you’ll need some space to store it.


  • Easy to learn
  • Quick gameplay
  • High replay value


  • Huge box

Zombie Kittens

Players: 3-8

Playing time: 10-15 minutes

Age: 8+

Zombie Kittens brings an undead twist to the original Exploding Kittens game. You can’t beat the box description, which dubs it as “a card game where you explode and then come back to life and then maybe explode again.”

The rules are quite simple. Players draw cards until somebody draws an exploding kitten, at which point they explode and die. If you don’t explode, you win.

But here’s where things get interesting.

Remember that player that drew an exploding kitten? Yeah, that person can rise from the dead with zombie cards and get their revenge. Players can also use special action cards to move or avoid drawing the exploding kitten. So watch out! It’s even more challenging to win Zombie Kittens.

You can play this card drawing game by itself or combine it with any other version of Exploding Kittens to unlock a mega game for up to nine players.

If you just have two players, however, the zombie cards won’t come into play. That limits the game somewhat. You really need three or more people to play.

Zombie Kittens Card Game by Exploding Kittens - Fun Family Card Games for Adults Teens & Kids for Night Entertainment, 2-5 Players

Unlike the original Exploding Kittens game, Zombie Kittens doesn’t have actual player elimination. Everyone can get in on the action and stay in the game, even from the grave. This added mechanic will make it more fun for younger players and more exciting for older players.

The illustrations are quirky and super fun, and each card displays its special ability, so you don’t have to memorize which cards do what. Zombie Kittens is one of the best game like Exploding Kittens for all ages.

(Find more zombie-themed games.)


  • Simple rules
  • No player elimination
  • Fast-paced


  • Not as fun for two players

Throw Throw Burrito

Players: 2-6

Playing time: 15 minutes

Age: 7+

Have you ever thrown a burrito at your friend’s head? Have you ever wanted to? Throw Throw Burrito, from the creators of Exploding Kittens, is a chaotic game of cards and flying objects. It’s like Spoons but less likely to result in injury.

Here’s how it works.

Place the pair of soft, throwable burritos on the table and deal the cards. (Don’t worry, the burritos are made of soft foam, so they won’t hurt anyone.) Next, players race to score points by finding matching sets of three cards.

Play a burrito card to force your friends to battle. If someone gets hit by a burrito, they lose points. Two players duel to determine the winner. They stand back to back, walk three paces, and Throw Throw Burrito!

The creators dub this the first dodgeball card game. I’d say that’s a pretty accurate description. With only two rounds, the game moves quickly. Quick thinking and reflexes are crucial, but the special cards provide balance.

Just be sure to remove food, drinks, and all fragile objects from the vicinity. The burritos may be soft foam, but when hurled across the living room, can still do some damage.

Throw Throw Burrito by Exploding Kittens - A Dodgeball Card Game - Family-Friendly Party Games - for Adults, Teens & Kids - 2-6 Players

Throw Throw Burrito is a fantastic game for those who enjoy playing Exploding Kittens. And when you’re ready for a new challenge, you can get the Block Block Burrito expansion or the Throw Throw Avocado companion game.


  • Fast-paced card game
  • Great for families or adults
  • Good balance but easy to learn
  • Expansion available


  • Burritos wear quickly

Sparkle Kitty

Players: 3-8

Playing time: 15-30 minutes

Age: 6+

If you like kitties, princesses, and magical spells, you’ll love Sparkle Kitty. In this fast-paced card game, players take on the role of a Princess from a colorful, fun, and quirky cast of characters.

Dark forces have trapped a group of princesses in cursed towers. But these are no ordinary princesses. Take matters into your own hands and create silly-sounding spells by combining words. Your goal is to be the first Princess to escape from your tower!

On each turn, players can take one of three actions: play a card into the spell book if it matches the color or symbol, draw a Dark Magic Enchantment card next to their princess, or pass and simply draw one card from the deck.

Each player has four tower cards “holding” their princess. If a player can play all the cards in their hand on the spell book, they get to remove a tower card and get their princess one step closer to escape. There are special cards, the Dark Magic cards, that make other players add to their tower, as well.

The game ends when one player removes all of their tower cards or when all the decks run out. Many buyers compared this game to Uno in its mechanics, and I would agree.

Sparkle Kitty great for younger kids because they can practice matching shapes and colors. There are words on the cards, but younger kids can still play the game if they can match.

Sparkle Kitty Card Game - Entertaining Princess Card Game, Perfect for Family Game Night & Kids Birthday Parties - Fast & Fun, 3-8 Players, Kids 9+

This may not be the most engaging game for adults or for those who really aren’t into the whole sparkly kitty princess theme. However, it’s a good party game for kids or for laid-back game nights.


  • Good for younger kids
  • Easy to learn
  • Silly, quirky, colorful


  • May not appeal to everyone

Star Realms

Players: 2

Playing time: 20 minutes

Age: 12+

Star Realms is a spaceship combat deck-building game. It began as a Kickstarter campaign in 2013 but was published in 2014 by Wise Wizard Games.

In this fast-paced game, you must forge your own star realm through military combat, shipping, and trading. Build up your fleet of warships while attacking your opponent. To win, you must reduce your opponent’s influence, or authority, to zero.

Wise Wizard Games Star Realms: Deckbuilding Card Game

This card game has rich, full-color artwork that brings the science fiction theme to life. Each box comes with 128 cards. Star Realms is a thrilling game with a unique game experience each time.

There are expansions available with additional colony wards and frontiers if you want a different experience. It’s designed for two players, so it’s not a great party game. However, you can use additional decks for multiplayer games of up to six players.

Star Realms has a bit of a learning curve compared to other games on the list, but it’s a must-have for science fiction fans.


  • High replay value
  • Combat deck-building game
  • Challenging but quick gameplay
  • Expansions available


  • Only supports two players
  • Learning curve

Sushi Go

Players: 2-5

Playing time: 15 minutes

Age: 8+

Sushi Go! is a super-fast card game where players eating at a sushi restaurant aim to have the best combination of sushi dishes as they rush by.

Earn points for grabbing the highest number of sushi rolls or for creating a complete set of sashimi. To triple your nigiri’s value, you can dip it in wasabi. Yum! The player with the most points wins.

Players take turns drawing cards, but you must be careful which sushi you allow the other players to grab. They might be looking for the same combinations you are!

This card game has a drafting mechanism but can be played in approximately 15 minutes. It earns a spot as one of the best party games.

During each turn, you’ll weigh the cards you’d like to keep and those ones you’d prefer to pass on. Sushi Go! has the same “draft and pass” mechanism as Spoons and Throw Throw Burrito, so it’s a chaotic game that moves quickly but is a lot of fun.

As you check the first few hands of cards, you have to quickly examine the round’s elements and make up your mind on the sushi type to choose and which ones to pass on to other players.

Sushi Go! - The Pick and Pass Card Game

The artwork in this game is fun and whimsical. The cards feature normal sushi menu items, including nigiri, maki, sashimi, edamame, miso soup, and more. There are even dessert cards with green tea ice cream, fruit, and pudding. Fair warning, you might leave this game hungry!

Sushi Go! can play with just two players, but it’s more fun with four or five players. It’s ideal for everyone eight years and older. This makes it a great family-friendly card game to add to your collections.


  • Moves quickly
  • Easy to learn
  • Colorful, fun artwork
  • Wide appeal


  • Card quality is lacking


Players: 2-6

Playing time: 10-15 minutes

Age: 7+

Sequence and order might not seem characteristic of games like Exploding Kittens, but that’s exactly the case with Skip-Bo. In this fun card game, players attempt to arrange sequences of cards in ascending order.

There’s plenty of strategic thinking and some luck involved in this game. To win, you must be the first player to use all of your cards in your stockpile.

Mattel Games Skip Bo Card Games, for Adults and Family Night, Kids and Adult Games, 2 to 6 Players Storage Tin Box (Amazon Exclusive)

Each player has a stockpile and a shared draw pile. Players also build piles with sequences of 1-12 in consecutive order. A build pile can only be started with a 1 or a SKIP-BO, which is wild.

Once the pile has the complete sequence, remove it from the playing area and start a new building pile. You want to play from the Stock Pile as often as you can. After all, your goal is to get rid of the Stock Pile first!

Whereas in Exploding Kittens the goal is to be the last one standing, in Skip-Bo it’s to be the first one out. Both card games require strategy and a stroke of luck to win. Both are fun and move quickly, so you won’t get bored.

Some buyers compared Skip-Bo to Uno, and I think the comparison holds true. Skip-Bo definitely belongs on the list of games like Exploding Kittens.


  • Easy to learn
  • Fast gameplay
  • Great for all ages


  • Tin is large, liner is flimsy

Unstable Unicorns

Players: 2-8

Playing time: 30-45 minutes

Age: 8+

Unstable Unicorns is a strategic game of magical creatures and total destruction. This card game is a hit with players of all ages. To win, you must collect seven unicorns in your stable before your opponents do. Simple enough, right?

Not so fast.

Players must use strategy and ruthlessness to acquire the unicorns and protect their own unicorns from being stolen. Use Magic, Instant, Upgrade, and Downgrade cards to hinder your opponents’ progress and destroy their Unicorns. But they’ll have access to those tools, as well.

There are three types of unicorns: baby, basic, and magical. Players collect all three types in their armies. A Neigh card can be played instantly to prevent someone else from playing a card. The cards have instructions on the bottom, so you’ll never be left wondering what a card does.

Unstable Unicorns is easy to learn, fast-paced, and loads of fun. Like other card games, it can be played again and again with different results. It’s a great party game for up to eight players.

Unstable Games - Unstable Unicorns Card Game - A strategic card game and party game for adults & teens

This card game is like Exploding Kittens in that both games involve collecting cards and playing them in order to achieve a goal. In both games, the player must choose their card carefully in order to avoid being eliminated.

However, Unstable Unicorns is a much faster-paced game than Exploding Kittens, and it also has more complex rules. Unstable Unicorns also features a unique mechanic wherein players can sacrifice their own cards in order to hinder their opponents.

If you want a competitive card game that’s not mean-spirited, Unstable Unicorns is a spot-on pick.


  • High replay value
  • Great party game
  • Has expansions & other versions


  • Slightly more complex

Happy Little Dinosaurs

Players: 2-4

Playing time: 30-60 minutes

Age: 8+

Happy Little Dinosaurs, you work to keep your chin up while avoiding all of life’s little disasters. You know, like falling into a pit of hot lava or getting ghosted by your dino date.

If you collect three disaster cards of the same type or three different types of disaster cards, you will be out of the game. Disaster cards feature a Natural, Predatory, or Emotional disaster.

Point cards feature weapons, trinkets, and good luck charms that you use to collect points and avoid disasters. Each card has a point value between 0 and 9 that you will use when scoring a round. You can use Instant cards at different points during the game to tip the odds in your favor or save your Dinosaur from certain death.

Move your Dinosaur meeple along the Escape Route on your player board to track your score. The first person to reach 50 points wins. Will you successfully dodge the disasters or get eaten by a prehistoric whale?

Unstable Games - Happy Little Dinosaurs Base Game - Cute card game for kids, teens, & adults - Dodge life’s disasters and survive the apocalypse! - 2-4 players ages 8+ - Great for game night

If you’re looking to play games like Exploding Kittens, Happy Little Dinosaurs should be at the top of your list.


  • Quirky artwork
  • Expansions available
  • Moves pretty quickly


  • Some rules are vague


Players: 2-10

Playing time: 10 minutes

Age: 7+

Uno is the classic card game where players race to match numbers and colors in an attempt to get rid of their cards. It’s simple to play, great for the family, and encourages color and number recognition.

Special action cards allow you to skip another player, reverse the direction of play, play a wild card, or force another player to draw cards. When you get down to one card, you must yell “UNO!” to avoid drawing another card. The first player to get rid of all their cards wins.

Uno is a fun game, but it can get repetitive after a while. Still, if you have kids, it’s a go-to for those times when you want to spend some quality time without a screen. It’s competitive but lighthearted, much like Exploding Kittens.

UNO - Classic Colour & Number Matching Card Game - 112 Cards - Customizable & Erasable Wild - Special Action Cards Included - Gift for Kids 7+, W2087


  • Easy to learn
  • Fast-paced
  • Great for kids


  • Can get repetitive

Monopoly Deal

Players: 2-5

Playing time: 15 minutes

Age: 8+

Monopoly Deal is the card game version of the classic property trading board game. This version supports two to five players. In Monopoly Deal, players are powerful traders vying for real estate dominance.

Collect three full property sets of different colors to win. Collect from or pay money to other players. Unlike the board game, Monopoly Deal requires you to draw cards instead of roll dice. Play action cards to charge players rent, steal their cards, or demand money for your birthday.

These special action cards spice up the game and keep it moving at a quick pace. A two-player game lasts only 5-15 minutes, whereas a five-person game might take up to 45 minutes.

Hasbro Gaming Monopoly Deal Card Game, Quick-Playing Card Game for 2-5 Players, Game for Families and Kids, Ages 8 and Up, Christmas Stocking Stuffers (Amazon Exclusive)

This game is easy to learn, quick to play, and inexpensive to boot. It’s like Exploding Kittens in the card-drafting mechanism and in the lighthearted competition. If you enjoy the Monopoly board game but don’t want to spend hours playing, Monopoly Deal is a great alternative.

Find other Monopoly alternatives.


  • Fast-paced
  • Simple rules
  • Inexpensive


  • Cards wear out fast

Cards Against Humanity

Players: 4-20+

Playing time: 30-90 minutes

Age: 17+

Cards Against Humanity is dubbed the party game for horrible people. You don’t have to be horrible to play this game, but an inappropriate sense of humor certainly makes the game more fun.

This card game is played in rounds. Each round, one player asks a question from a black card, and everyone else answers with their funniest white card. With 500 white cards and 100 black cards included, you’ll never run out of possibilities.

The questioner votes for the one card they like the best. The person with the most votes wins the game. But this is one of those games that’s great to play just for the fun of it.

You can play this game with four players or more. And when I say more, I mean upwards of twenty people. It’s like Apples to Apples but larger-scale.

But you should be warned, this is NOT a family-friendly game. There are several off-color and adult-themed cards. If you want to play a similar game that’s appropriate for kids, you can buy the Family Edition. This is the version my family plays. There are excessive bathroom references, but most eight-year-olds I know enjoy that sort of humor.

Cards Against Humanity


  • Good for large groups
  • Super easy rules
  • Expansions available


  • Not family-friendly
  • Pricey

Love Letter

Players: 2-6

Playing time: 20 minutes

Age: 10+

From the publishers of Pandemic comes Love Letter, a card game designed for two to six players. In Love Letter, players attempt to win the affects of a princess by delivering love letters to her while deflecting letters from competing suitors.

The game is played with a deck of only sixteen cards, each of which has a different value. The goal is to have the card with the most points in your hand at the end of each round.

Players take turns drawing and discarding cards, using their own cards and those of other players in an attempt to collect the princess’s love letter.

Love Letter Card Game | Classic Renaissance Strategy Deduction and Elimination Game for Adults and Kids | Ages 10+ | 2-6 Players | Average Playtime 20 Minutes | Made by Z-Man Games

Love Letter is simple to learn but difficult to master. You can play a complete game in a matter of minutes. Love Letter is a fun and engaging game that is sure to delight card-players of all ages.

Love Letter is like Exploding Kittens in the card drawing and discarding mechanism. Players must take risks to deliver love letters to the princess. But balance is key. Drawing too many high-value cards can be just as dangerous as having no cards at all.


  • Game of risk & deduction
  • Requires strategic thinking
  • Quick game time
  • Easy to learn


  • Not for larger groups

Party Board Game & Card Games Buying Guide

If you enjoy board and card games like Exploding Kittens, it’s important to find the right type of game to fit your group.

It’s important to find board games that appeal to a wide audience. Games like Gloomhaven are fantastic, but they aren’t for everyone. Games like Exploding Kittens are good for parties because they appeal to a wide range of people.

Secondly, it’s helpful to find games that can handle more players. Most games like Exploding Kittens can handle anywhere from three to ten players, although the exact number varies. Still, it’s not fun to have a game for two to four players when you have eight people.

Games that offer expansions are also good options because they give you more cards. That means you can play with more people and have a unique experience, even if you’ve played the game before. You might even divide up into two teams to play for a different experience.

Card games are more suited for larger groups, but you might prefer board games. In that case, you should choose a game that allows everyone access to the board. If you’ve ever sat at the end of a long table trying to reach your game piece, you know why that’s important.

Games Like Exploding Kittens: Final Word

Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza is one of the best games like Exploding Kittens, but whatever your preferences, there’s a party game for you.

Looking for more party games? Check out my list of the best games for eight players.